The ACCI catalogue of products is the most diverse and advanced in the industry. We represent Ajinomoto Fine Techno., a leading manufacturer of specialty epoxy curing agents. We also manufacture our own cutting edge proprietary resins, curing agents, non-halogenated flame retardants and amino acid based personal care ingredients to meet your specific needs.
Technirez® Resins Technical Bulletins

Technirez® RME-30
Technirez® RME-912, 912HM
Technirez® NC-36
Technirez® GAN
Technirez® FR-001, FR-001LV
Technirez® A-1
Technirez® FRR-926
Technirez® 150
Technirez® NP-05
Technicure® Curing Agents Technical Bulletins

Technicure® LC-80
Technicure® LC-100
Technicure® MDU-11
Technicure® TDU-200M
Technicure® IPDU-8
Technicure® PDU-250
Technicure® DCMU
Technicure® D-5
Technicure® D-10
Technicure® D-44
Technicure® NanoDicy
Technicure® ADH, ADH-J
Technicure® IDH, IDHJ
Technicure® 3800
Technicure® 44 DDS
Ajicure® Latent Curing Agents General Data

Ajicure® PN-40
Ajicure® PN-50
Resicure Curing Agents Technical Bulletins

Resicure 2MI, 2MI-J
Resicure EMI-24
Resicure 2PHICN
Resicure 4
Resicure 2-MICN
Aminopearl® Personal Care Ingredients Technical Data

Aminopearl® BP-3
Aminopearl® BP-4
Aminopearl® CS-20D
Aminopearl® F - Kinetin
Aminopearl® LL
Aminopearl® PCA-50
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