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Technirez® A‑1

Ask us about our new CIPP product — Technirez® A‑1.

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Relining refers to the trenchless pipe repair process of creating a new pipe inside of the existing pipe if the host pipe has a leak or other signs of damage.

A pipe relining sleeve saturated with Technirez® A‑1 gets pushed through the old pipe with a "bladder". It must then harden, which generally takes about two hours. Technirez® A‑1 will allow nearly unlimited storage of the sleeve, and will cure at 80°C.

Technirez® FRR-926

Ask us about our Halogen-Free Epoxy resin Technirez® FRR-926. This phos­phor­ous containing epoxy resin will allow for a low-smoke no-flame system and will not degrade physical properties of your cured system.

Technirez® 150

Ask us about Technirez® 150, halogen-free, low viscosity flame retardant reactive additive with a 25% phosphorous content.

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