A&C Catalysts/ACCI Specialty Materials started with just one person and has grown to an organization of nearly 40 professionals. We have had double digit growth since our inception. We are very proud of our team, who made this possible. Our team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds who possess diverse skills and are all committed to providing the best products, customer service and technology. If you are looking for a rewarding career where your opinion matters, for a position where you will grow and never be bored, come join us.

Please send all inquiries including resumes to: careers@ac-catalysts.com

Production Operator

The Production Operator is responsible for assisting in the development of pilot plant and production procedures, operating pilot plant and production batches, and assisting in the Scale-up of Pilot operations. Responsible for day to day organization, safety and operations of the manufacturing areas in compliance with company safety, environmental and loss prevention requirements. Responsible for housekeeping and basic maintenance of the plant and associated areas and equipment. Responsible for compliance with company policies and procedures. Responsible to notify the appropriate person, or take action, in case of suspected conditions that may lead to an accident, incident, equipment damage or other undesired situations.

Responsible for training other staff. Responsible for coordinating manufacturing activities with Project Leader, Supervisor and Operators ensuring safe and effective shift transfer and operations. Responsible for providing feedback to Project Leader during pre and post pilot meetings and during pilot and production operations. Regular Duties: Execute pilot plant and production batches. Ensure completion and maintenance of batch records, equipment cleaning and status logs, deviations, temperature charts and other required documentation. Participate in and facilitate training (safety, process and other), HAZOP, Incident review, technical teams and meetings as requested. Participate in Pre and Post pilot meetings.

Coordinate with warehouse, QC, R&D, EH&S, Maintenance and other departments thus ensuring unnecessary delays or unsafe conditions. Identify areas for improvement and recommend optimal operating and cleaning procedures when developing pilot plant and scale-up procedures.

Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent and 5 years of related batch chemical processing experience. Must pass annual physical requirement associated with material handling and PPE usage.

Application Sales and Marketing

The Application Sales individual may work out of their respective home office and must be located near a major airport and will be supervised in a remote manner. Customers are primarily industrial manufacturing companies in the Adhesives / Electronics / Compos­ites and/or Specialty Chemical busi­nesses. Most of the actual customer interaction will be performed in person, via phone or e-mail. The travel schedule is typically ~ 50%+ of total work time. International travel may also be involved. The Appli­cations Sales individual will be responsible for market develop­ment, identifying new markets in non-established territories, and commer­cial­ization of new applica­tions and product opportunities.

The Applications Sales individuals will prepare financial and/or opera­tional estimates from plans or discussions with the cus­tomer, or other records sub­mitted by or obtained from potent­ial/existing cus­tomers. This position will report customer prac­tices regard­ing utili­zation of purchased products and will prepare customer requirements and provide contin­uous market / cus­tomer feed­back to Product Development. This position will also provide valuable input as to product pricing and product posi­tioning as well as competitive analysis and landscape.

Requirements: Minimum of a B.S. Degree in Chemistry or poly­mers with 5 years previous sales experience.

Process Chemist

The candidate will have experience in Chemical and Plastics Process R&D, and lab-to-plant. The process chemist is expected to be able to participate in a chemical synthesis program with the objective to develop a chemical process that can be safely performed on large scale. This involves being able to design, adapt and execute synthetic procedures and methods on a laboratory and pilot scale to fit the requirements of the development or scale-up plant. Must be familiar with PPE Usage.

Requirements: B.S. Degree in Chemistry, or equivalent, or a minimum of 5 years experience as a Laboratory Technician and familiarity with PPE usage.

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